There’s something!

There’s something I wanted to ask,

In these nights that went so fast!

There was something I tried to tell,

I started but didn’t go well

There’s something thats in you,

In these winds that flow so true,

There’s something which dares to come out,

But somehow you cannot shout

While there’s a lot that’s inside me too,

I spell out but it won’t reach you,

And there’s a lot that I need to speak

Before I see that it’s getting weak,

Cause there’s something thats left for you,

Those colours in red or blue,

You might not see but yes its true.


A book of thousand histories..

Lost far in tons of mysteries..

A chirp of countless sand..

Thats how in this world we stand..

Thats how we set this trend..
A love of million hearts..

Till the trigger where it all starts..

We don’t see the human race..

We only stand at some place..

Just need to see our own pace..
A ship sunked soo deep..

Lost somewhere into oceans that we keep..

Lost in some mountain with cold breeze..

And some shiver that makes us freeze..

Just some thoughts and we’re out of ease..
Who cares when its just one life

Living it the way we sharpen our knives

Why stuck in the honey of these bee hives?

Get up for yourself to get some dives

Into the sea of endeavour called life!

I wish.

I wish..

To sneak up at your doors 

so much locked..

I wish..

Not to wonder of these feelings 

So much blocked…
I wish..

To be everything u need

And be shocked…

Cause i wanna give u all

That you may have lost..

I wish ..

In my arms

That u should sleep

I wish ..

To stops these thoughts 

That i keep..

I wish..

To see you smiling 

Down these streets..
Cause u should know

I’ve felt and its deep..

My first post.

‚ÄčThere are always good moments waiting to be felt in each corner of this world.

And the question lies do we really let that moments to reach we?

No..we complain about harsh thoughts into the empty space(mind) without reasons..

And Yes there are a lot of reasons to feel bad and regret about..

But it takes away the time which never comes back.

Seasons come across and go and you might never know how far you came thinking about things that didn’t even matter.

Why to coincide the depth of hatredness to cross your life when you are left with a chance to think about whats worth..

Why to be in a state of immortal belief when u reached the beauty of reality…

Empowered soul and goodwill shall stay with you as long as you’re willing to,

The more u allow to let it come in..the more it will let u change..

Change into someone you really are..

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